NYP/CUIMC Announces New Mothers Center Heart Program

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Irving Medical Center are delighted to introduce the Mothers Center Heart Program.  This unique program brings together specialists from maternal-fetal medicine, cardiology, anesthesiology and general obstetrics and gynecology to provide coordinated evaluation and care for pregnant women with pre-existing heart disease, women with new onset cardiovascular symptoms in pregnancy, and women with heart disease who are considering pregnancy. 

The program will be led by Drs. Stephanie Purisch (Maternal-Fetal Medicine) and Jennifer Haythe (Cardiology).  The Heart Program team includes cardiologists specializing in heart failure, congenital heart disease, cardiac electrophysiology (arrhythmia) and other conditions.

The Mothers Center Heart Team is available for non-urgent and urgent outpatient consultations for pregnant or postpartum women (up to 12 weeks postpartum), and women who are planning a pregnancy.

To schedule an appointment in the Mothers Center Heart Clinic, please call phone number 1-844-666-2687 or 212-305-7334, or email obgyn_tmcheart@cumc.columbia.edu.

Patients for referral include (but are not limited to) those with the following conditions:

  • Heart failure / cardiomyopathy                             
  • Congenital heart disease                              
  • Acquired structural / valvular heart disease
  • Aortopathy
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Coronary artery disease / prior myocardial infarction
  • Known arrhythmias
  • Palpitations
  • EKG or echo abnormalities
  • Severe chronic hypertension (requiring two or more antihypertensive medications or with end-organ damage)

For more information regarding the program, please visit: https://www.columbiaobgyn.org/mothers-center-heart-program.