Research Labs

  • In our laboratory, we are evaluating the risk of cardiovascular disease and sleep patterns in a diverse population of women in various life stages.

  • The Bauer Lab uses molecular biology, animal physiology, and functional genomics to translate human genetics studies into actionable biological mechanisms, focusing on cardiometabolic traits.

  • The Marx Lab studies the regulation of ion channels by macromolecular complexes.

  • The Morrow Lab investigates disease models of chronic metabolic stress and acute metabolic stress, using molecular biology, cellular physiology, and in vivo techniques.

  • The Reilly Lab is dedicated to translational and genomic studies of human cardiometabolic disorders.

  • The Tsai lab focuses on discovering and understanding novel signaling mechanisms of heart failure and developing innovative therapies for improving heart function.

  • Research at the Wan Lab is focused on the vascular and electrophysiological changes that occur in heart failure and in atrial fibrillation.

  • The Wu Lab develops integrated experimental and computational approaches to understand RNA-based gene regulation in health and disease.

  • The Zhang laboratory in the Department of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center is interested in the role of macrophages in cardiometabolic diseases.