About Us

The Columbia Roybal Center for Fearless Behavior Change Pilot is led by Dr. Ian Kronish, a general internist who is interested in translating advances in behavioral medicine into behavioral interventions that can improve the lives of patients that experience life-threatening medical events. Our Center is co-led by Dr. Donald Edmondson, a psychologist that created the Enduring Somatic Threat Model that provides the conceptual model underlying our Roybal Center.

The Columbia Roybal Center is comprised of a team of highly collaborative scientists with expertise in multiple disciplines including behavioral medicine, cardiology, primary care, clinical psychology, exercise physiology, biostatistics, among others. The Center maintains a world-class research infrastructure experienced in recruiting and tracking patients who have experienced acute medical events. We actively seek to enlist diverse investigators in our mission, and provide scientific, methodological, regulatory, and statistical support to our investigators. Our Center receives strategic guidance from an Advisory Board that includes health system and scientific leaders in the field of behavioral medicine.

Our Services

  • Consultations on Behavioral Trials: Our Center is available to provide advice on the design, grant writing, and implementation of pilot behavioral trials. We also provide expertise on the experimental medicine approach to behavioral intervention development and work in close partnership with the NIH’s Science of Behavior Change (SOBC) initiative.
  • To learn more about SOBC, click here: https://scienceofbehaviorchange.org/what-is-sobc/