Our Team

Roybal Director

  • Ian Kronish, MD, MPH

    • Director, Columbia Roybal Center

    Dr. Kronish has expertise in intervention development and testing, particularly for medication adherence. He is the principal investigator (PI) or co-PI of several National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded studies evaluating the association of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other psychological factors with health behaviors in survivors of cardiovascular disease (CVD) events.

    Headshot of Ian Kronish

Associated Faculty

  • Talea Cornelius, PhD, MSW

    • Assistant Professor of Medicine
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  • Keith Diaz, PhD

    • Assistant Professor of Behavioral Medicine
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  • Donald Edmondson, PhD, MPH

    • Former Co-Director, Columbia Roybal Center

    Dr. Edmondson is an expert in the experimental medicine approach to behavioral intervention development. He is PI or co-PI of multiple fear based mechanisms, behavior, and clinical outcomes in CVD patients. He is also co-PI and managing Director of the National Institute on Aging (NIA)-funded Resource and Coordinating Center of the Science of Behavior Change (SOBC) program, and was scientific lead for the SOBC website.

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  • Joseph E. Schwartz, PhD

    • Lecturer in Medicine
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  • Ari Shechter, PhD

    • Assistant Professor of Medical Sciences
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  • Richard P. Sloan, Ph.D.

    • Nathaniel Wharton Professor of Behavioral Medicine, Department of Psychiatry
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Advisory Board

External Advisory Board

  • Jeffrey Huffman, MD, Harvard Medical School
  • Lisa Marsch, PhD, Dartmouth College
  • Sarah Garfinkel, PhD, University College London
  • Kenneth Freedland, PhD, Washington University
  • Sara Czaja, PhD, Weill Cornell Medicine

Internal Advisory Board

  • Dawn Hershman, MD, MS, Division of Oncology, CUIMC
  • Peter Shapiro, MD, Department of Psychiatry, CUIMC
  • Yuval Neria, PhD, New York State Psychiatric Institute

Patient & Family Stakeholders

  • Cindy Marchionda, Partner/caregiver of cardiac arrest survivor
  • Jasmine Wylie, Cardiac arrest survivor, Board member, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association
  • Rick & Jennifer Chap, Cardiac arrest survivor & partner, Founders, BuddyCPR

Patient Advocacy Groups