Designing and Reporting Pilot Studies


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Intervention Development

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Choosing Journals for Pilot Studies

  • For randomized clinical trials (fees dependent on author's institution): Trials
  • For interventions with a digital component (publication fees): JMIR Research Protocols
  • For publishing protocol papers and interesting trial design issues (fees dependent on publication type): Contemporary Clinical Trials
  • Open access journal that considers papers not accepted by Contemporary Clinical Trials (publication fees): Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications
  • Open access journal that publishes breadth of research; including, potentially, protocol and pilot study findings; (publication fees): PLOS One
  • Open access journal that publishes interesting study design protocols and results (publication fees): BMJ Open
  • BMJ subsidiary journal that aims to publish protocol and results papers relevant to pilot studies (publication fees): Pilot and Feasibility Studies
  • Lower impact journal that may publish pilot study results for behavioral interventions (publication fees): Frontiers in Psychiatry
  • For articles that are  published online first which reduces time from acceptance to publication: Clinical Trials