The Center for Behavior Cardiovascular Health is fortunate to have a diverse, dedicated group of individuals who bring a wide array of expertise and experiences to the conduct and support of the Center’s research endeavors.

Executive Administrative Team

  • Tyla Yurgel, Director of Research, Administrative and Clinical Operations
  • Alexandra Sullivan, Director of Research Implementation
  • David Hiti, Grants Manager

Administrative Team

  • Luis Blanco, Creative Director
  • Nina Kharazmi, Assistant Media Director
  • Brooke Morgan, Procurement Coordinator
  • Darlene Straussman, Administrative Manager
  • Jonathan Wolpert, Administrative Assistant
  • Deanna Lewis, Project Coordinator

Regulatory Team

  • Diane Cannone, Regulatory Manager
  • Nayrobi Rivera, Regulatory Assistant

Managers Team

  • Jenny Lee, Data Manager
  • David Lopez Veneros, Research Nurse
  • Jennifer Mizhquiri-Barbecho, Project Coordinator II
  • Gaspar Cruz, Project Coordinator II
  • Margaret Murdock, Project Coordinator II

Clinical and Research Team

  • Robin Cumella, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Franchesca Diaz, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Julia Ellis, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Samantha Flores, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Alvis Gonzalez, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Ammie Jurado, Clinical Research Coordinator I
  • Nayroby Reyes, Clinical Coordinator
  • Maria Serafini, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Tara St. Onge, Research Nurse
  • Charles Keys McKay, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Gennesis Zuleta, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Michelle David, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Miguel Mendieta, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Daniel Peña Sanchez, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Kiara Genao, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Jennifer Aguirre, Clinical Research Coordinator

Data Management Team

  • Cara McMurry, Assistant Data Manager
  • Faith Parsons, Data Manager
  • Datla Raju, Data Programmer
  • Kaitlin Shaw, Data Coordinator II
  • Kristal Quispe, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Allie Scott, Data Analyst
  • Grace Xu, Data Programmer
  • John Cheng, Data Programmer
  • Nakesha Fray, Data Coordinator
  • Guixiao Ding, Data Coordinator

Casual Employees and Variable Hours Officers

  • Sean Farrell
  • José Sanchez
  • Brendan Swan
  • John Usseglio
  • Redeana Umland
  • Melinda Chang
  • Alison Trainor
  • Lilly Derby