Columbia Cardiology Launches New Mitral & Tricuspid Center

Columbia's Division of Cardiology has launched the Mitral & Tricuspid Center, an advanced clinical research center dedicated to leveraging the expertise of specialists from different cardiovascular disciplines to improve the diagnosis and treatment of all types of tricuspid and mitral valve conditions. 

The Center’s mission is to explore the latest devices and treatments and turn these innovations into the new standard for management of these chronic conditions.

“Here at Columbia, we really are leading the understanding of these diseases and expanding therapy options for these underserved patients,” says Susheel Kodali, MD, Director of the Columbia Structural Heart and Valve Center and member of the Mitral & Tricuspid Center’s leadership team. 

A Team of Renowned Experts

The Center will bring together specialists from across Columbia, combining unmatched procedural skill, world-class imaging, and clinical care from leading experts in heart failure management, cardiothoracic surgery, robotic surgery, and interventional cardiology.

“At Columbia, our multidisciplinary heart valve teams have crafted differentiated management strategies for patients with severe symptomatic mitral and tricuspid valve disease. Our expertise in imaging, transcatheter and surgical procedures, advanced heart failure therapies, and clinical research will now be reflected in a specialized center providing optimized care for all patients with mitral and/or tricuspid valve disease,” says Martin Leon, MD, Chief Innovation Officer and Director of the Cardiovascular Data Science Center for the Division of Cardiology.

Joining Dr. Kodali will be Isaac George, MD, Co-Director of the Structural Heart and Valve Center; Rebecca Hahn, MD, Director of Interventional Echocardiography at the Structural Heart and Valve Center, Arnar Geirsson, MD, Director of the Cardiovascular Institute and Surgical Heart Valve Program; and Carolina Pinheiro Rezende, MS, PA-C, Director of the Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Program.

“The Mitral & Tricuspid Center brings together the best Columbia has to offer for comprehensive solutions for patients with mitral and tricuspid disease, from the newest transcatheter technologies to advanced surgical therapies. This multidisciplinary approach ensures the patient always comes first, and outcomes are excellent. I am excited for its launch,” says Geirsson.

A Center for Cutting-Edge Innovation

“This center builds on the work we’ve been leading here at Columbia for the past few years,” says Kodali. “After playing a major role in the TRISCEND clinical trials, Columbia is among the first sites to offer the newly approved EVOQUE Tricuspid Valve Replacement System. Our team has been instrumental in developing and testing this advanced device, offering an important and effective new option for treating tricuspid Valve disease.”

The Center will also focus on clinical trials for transcatheter edge-to-edge repair (TEER) devices for tricuspid regurgitation, new devices for transcatheter mitral valve replacement, and advancing the field of robotic valve surgery.

According to Kodali, the Center’s wealth of expertise and experience will help drive these advances. “This patient population is often the sickest of the sick, and until recently, their options for treatment were extremely limited,’ says Kodali. “Now that treatments for these diseases are evolving at a rapid pace, an integrated, multidisciplinary approach will be key to getting the most of these new developments for our patients.”

Leon adds, “This new mitral-tricuspid valve center will mobilize a decade of specialized experiences among our contributing physicians to provide optimal clinical outcomes for our sickest patients!”

For patients looking to learn more about the Mitral & Tricuspid Center at Columbia or to make an appointment with the Structural Heart and Valve Center, please call (212) 342-0444 or complete our online appointment application form(link is external and opens in a new window).