Growing evidence suggests that some health care providers underestimate the risk for heart disease in women and under-treat women with heart disease. Many providers are not aware of unique risk factors that affect women and therefore may not ask about pregnancy complications, arthritis, or menstrual abnormalities that increase a woman’s risk for a heart attack or stroke. The education of physicians and allied health professionals is an important goal of the center’s mission.

Medical School Elective in Women’s and Cardiovascular Health

A clinical educational elective at the center provides clinical, educational, and research opportunities for medical students, residents, and graduate students. Working alongside Dr. Giardina and other interdisciplinary providers, students observe the effects of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, nutrition, metabolism, and physical activity on the cardiovascular health of patients. Medical students may carry out supervised research projects related to cardiovascular, metabolic, and nutritional health. Additionally, master’s students at the Institute of Human Nutrition, may participate in research activities as they acquire data for a graduate thesis.

To participate in the elective, view the P & S elective catalog, MD11P, or call Dr. Mindy Weiss at 212-750-7404.

CRF Women's Heart Initiative

The Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) Women's Heart Health Initiative is a program in partnership with Columbia University Irving Medical Center to reduce gender disparity in cardiovascular care. Directed by Nisha Jhalani MD, the initiative's goal is to increase awareness about heart disease in women through free educational "Mini-Med School for Women" seminars.