A biorepository is a key element in any Precision Medicine endeavor. The Cardiometabolic Precision Medicine Biorepository is actively recruiting diverse participants across multiple cardiovascular and metabolic disease domains. The long-term aim is to facilitate research on the genomic causes or genetic modifiers of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. Participants are deeply phenotyped with regards to their clinical cardiovascular and/or metabolic diagnosis and have consented to allow researchers access to their medical records. Our biorepository participants have answered lifestyle questionnaires and given their family medical histories. In addition, great effort is made to collect families groups for better genetic and genomic analysis. This resource will enable researchers to provide greater understanding of diseases and responses to medications, thereby advancing the goals of Precision Medicine to provide individualized and personal medical treatments to all.

Biorepository Laboratory Team

  • Renu Nandakumar, PhD

    • Director
    Renu Nandakumar_Lab Director
  • Simone Thomas

    • Lab Staff Member
    Simone Thomas
  • Kadian Anderson

    • Lab Staff Member
    Kadian Anderson
  • Cassandra Bell

    • Lab Staff Member

Clinical Research Team

Biorepository Bioinformatics Team

  • Soumitra Sengupta, PhD

    • Director
    Soumitra Sengupta_Informatice Director
  • Amritha Menon, MCA

    • Programmer Analyst
  • Yat So, BS

    • Programmer Analyst